Technology solutions to help  drive your marketing and sales goals

Gauss creates data-driven ecosystem

It enables companies to anticipate change, improve efficiency, create new customer experiences and make better decisions faster.


BrandMax, an innovative solution for DV360, redefines the possibilities of branding by integrating Custom Bidding technology with user value optimization.

Connected TV

Gauss Connected TV is a platform that enables integrated planning and reporting of linear and connected TV campaigns. With it, you can easily plan, measure and optimise your campaigns.

Gauss Cookie Deprecation Impact Tool

Gauss Cookie Deprecation Impact Tool Uses a combination of technologies and own data analysis techniques to provide businesses with accurate and up-to-date information on the impact of third-party cookie deprecation. It is time to take action, 30% of your conversions are lost due to cookie deprecation!

Gauss Unifeedr

Optimizing your digital product catalogue (feed) for automated sales on shopping platforms (Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest)

Data collect

Collect web browsing data and aggregate it with the rest of your organisation’s data to accelerate your customer journey through better-targeted marketing actions.


Ad-machina is a technology that allows companies that advertise their products and services through Google Ads to hyper-personalise their ads in real time for each user and each search, analysing the consumer behaviour that moves them towards a purchase.

Smart Advertising

Artificial intelligence that supports the optimisation of your investments within digital marketing platforms.

Optimise your digital advertising campaigns using deeper buyer insight, based on First-Party Data, and machine learning, in real-time the audiences you prioritise in your advertising campaigns.

Offline Data Connection

Activate your offline data on marketing platforms automatically and in real time, achieving a complete view of the customer journey and optimizing your campaigns to the stage of the funnel where your value target is.


We create an attribution model tailored to your business objectives so that your advertising spend is aligned with the strategies that have delivered the best results in conversion to sales.

Data Quality

Receive real-time alerts of relevant events on your website to help you resolve incidents and minimise the impact on your business. Monitor in a single control panel, the information coming from the different platforms’ measurement tools and compare it with our own tool to see discrepancies.

Dynamic Creatives

Drive performance at scale and engage your audiences by delivering data-driven ads that display the most appropriate product for the specific interests that each user has shown on your website.

Feed Automation

Sell your products through Facebook’s marketplace and grow your business by creating your digital product catalogue (feed).