Artificial intelligence to beat the market

Optimize your digital marketing spending and discover insights on how your customers behave on your web page thanks to GAUSS AI technology. The first system that provides a prediction of a customer’s propensity to convert in Real Time.

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Our mission

Improve conversion rates

What would happen if you knew which visitors were going to buy in your store? Would you show adds to those that are not? GAUSS AI allows you to identify and prioritise high-probability leads in real time, from the 1st visit.

Optimize your marketing budget

Do you know to whom you should be showing your ads? Would you like to reduce your marketing spend whilst increasing your sales? With GAUSS AI you can..


Effective solutions to real marketing and sales challenges


Predictive buying behaviour

Thanks to the GAUSS AI Machine Learning algorithm you can understand your customer’s propensity to convert and therefore segment effectively; optimising your return on investment.

Lead Scorer

Gauss AI allows your company to enrich your CRM capabilities automatically generating the conversion propensity of your site’s lea

Cookie Clustering

Do you want to identify affinity groups within your customer base? GAUSS AI enables you to identify similar audiences with common characteristics, to facilitate the definition of a more accurate prospecting strategy.

Next Best Interaction

GAUSS AI enables your organization to understand at all times, the most appropriate action for each customer. An email? A promotion? A phone call? Be more efficient in your marketing actions, with GAUSS AI.



Drive your recommendation strategy from the combination of business rules and Machine Learning to identify truely relevant products for your customers and personalize their experience on your site.


GAUSS AI allows you to segment your customers based on their conversion propensity and thereafter present them with the most relevant content, dynamically personalizing the customer's experience.

Atribution Model

GAUSS AI facilitates the optimization of the spending over different available channels, when planning an effective, efficient multi-channel marketing strategy.



Relax - GAUSS AI will let you know when anything unexpected or out of line with expectations is about to start happening.

Customer Lifetime Value

Training GAUSS AI with your purchase and transactions history, you can predict any customer lifetime value in real time. Now you know exactñy which cookies are worth bidding for based on their potential long-term value.

Dynamic Pricing

Design your pricing policy with GAUSS AI facilitating a personalized price for each user based on the score provided by its Machine Learning engine.

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GAUSS Ecosystem

Interact with data, set the confidence threshold, review that everything is working on and choose the way you are going to use the knowledge of your new audiences.

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What can GAUSS AI do for you?

Technical independence

Full independence of your IT systems. Minimal, well defined integration requirements leading to tiny deployment timescales.

Plug and play

Don’t wait to have fantastic report, instead after a couple of weeks be empowered to have automatically actionable data.

Flexible and scalable

It doesn’t matter if your company is a start-up or a tech-giant, GAUSS AI will adapt to your data and your budget.

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